Pogoplug Team
An Unlimited Cloud for Your Entire Team,
Branded for Your Business
Unlimited Storage
Pogoplug provides unlimited cloud storage for your business, so you never have to worry about running out of space again. With no storage limitations or file size restrictions, say goodbye to arbitrarily high prices for arbitrarily low storage.
Access All Your Files, Anywhere You Need Them
Need to access an important document for a meeting, but left it on your home computer? Sign into your Pogoplug Team account from any Web browser for full access to your content on the go. Your cloud is accessible from anywhere, so it’s like you’ve got a hard drive in the sky. You can also download Pogoplug’s free mobile apps for iOS and Android to access all your important data on your smartphone or tablet.
Secure Collaboration
Pogoplug lets you collaborate with clients and colleagues on files and folders of any size. Share massive files instantly, securely and privately via links you email to trusted team members. You can even make shares read-only or password-protected for extra security.
Automatic, Continuous Backup
Pogoplug Team offers the best of online backup by empowering your team to store all your data in our secure cloud. Enable automatic and continuous backups of the important folders on your computer with our free backup software, and protect all your data whether you’re in or out of the office.
Completely Scalable Solution
Pogoplug Team is scalable to your business. With the ability to add as many users as you want, the sky’s the limit: Invite all your employees and collaborators for unlimited cloud storage.
Branded for Your Business
Customize the Pogoplug Web interface and emails to match your business’ brand. Share with clients from a branded interface for a personalized, professional touch.
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