Meet Our Team
Daniel Putterman
President and CEO

Daniel, our fearless leader, President and CEO, is an industry-leading digital media entrepreneur. He founded Mediabolic in 1999 and served as CEO until its sale to Macrovision (now Rovi) in 2007. Mediabolic's software now powers millions of next generation digital consumer electronics devices. Additionally, he founded MaxInfo, the first collaborative Web media design software for the Internet (and acquired by NetManage), as well as EoExchange, a multimedia search engine for the Web. Over the last 20 years, Daniel has worked as an entrepreneur advocate, and has invested and teamed with colleagues to launch numerous Silicon Valley companies.

Daniel spent the earlier part of his career in senior management positions at Borland International and Symantec Corporation, where he was responsible for product management, business development and worldwide evangelism. He is a passionate and outgoing speaker on technology trends and issues. His dog, Riso, is our office mascot, troublemaker and vacuum cleaner.

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