Unlimited storage and automatic backup for all your photos and files.
One-click backup
for every device and every family member
Since 2007, Pogoplug has protected tens of millions of consumers and business customers worldwide. Back up your photos and files using the same storage trusted by Best Buy, Sprint, Toshiba, Yahoo! Japan, Office Depot and more. Sign up for a free account to enjoy unlimited storage and automatic backup for:
Unlimited Storage
Tens of thousands of photos. Hundreds of hours of video. All your files. Every contact. We'll store and protect everything you've got. You can't fill up our cloud. Guaranteed.
Automatic Backup
We send your photos and videos to our secure cloud the second you take them. We also back up your important files as soon as you create them. Never lose another photo or file.
Super Simple
It's easy enough for anyone to use. Simply install our free backup software and mobile apps and enable automatic upload with one click. That’s it!
Cross Platform
Got a PC, an iPad and Android phone? No problem! Back them all up and access everything from any device.
Complete Protection
We protect your data using the same military-grade encryption used by banks and government organizations. If you want to geek out, we use AES 256-bit encryption, and your data is secured at multiple datacenters with 99.99999% reliability. Pogoplug takes your privacy seriously and complies with the strictest privacy standards.
How It Works
Photo Backup: phone unlimited 1TB  
  tablet unlimited 1TB  
  computer unlimited   1 PC
Video Backup: phone unlimited 1TB  
  tablet unlimited 1TB  
  computer unlimited   1 PC
Price Per Year $49.95 $238.88 $150
The Wall Street Journal
"Pogoplug is a terrifically simple way to back up files and make them accessible from afar or on the go."
"Amid all the online storage providers offering tiered pricing, Pogoplug Cloud has a different approach: Sky's the limit."
Los Angeles Times
"Pogoplug's plan is unique in that no other service offers so much space for so little without some sort of limitation."
Unlimited storage and automatic backup for every phone, computer and tablet you own.
$4.95 per month
or save 16% with annual $49.95 per year
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