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Back Up, Access and Share From Anywhere
"The seamlessly sharable method of plug-and-playing hard drives and now
SD cards makes the Pogoplug a true home cloud device" - CNET

Automatic, Remote Backup for Your Computers and Mobile Devices
Backing up is like taking vitamins; we know it’s good for us, but it’s often too difficult to remember and maintain. Online cloud backup solutions are slow and expensive for large document or photo collections, and attaching a hard drive to your laptop or computer is not practical when you’re on the move. Set up Pogoplug in 60 seconds, point all your computers and mobile devices to back up to your Pogoplug, and never worry about backing up again.
Continuous Backup on the Go
Unlike other solutions, Pogoplug works to safeguard your computers and mobile devices even when you take them away from your home or office. You can rest easy knowing that your vacation photos and the videos on your smartphone are being continuously backed up to your Pogoplug at home.
Access Your Backup From Anywhere
Missing a critical presentation because you forgot your laptop? Access and download it on the go from any web browser. Can’t fit all of your photos or videos on your phone or laptop? Leave them safely at home on your Pogoplug, but access them from anywhere.
Back up all of your computers and mobile devices to a Pogoplug at your home or office. Simply add additional or larger drives as your storage needs grow—no fees, no limits.
Secure, Easy Sharing
Worried about publishing videos of your kids on Facebook or YouTube? Share large files instantly, securely and privately via links you email to trusted friends and family.

Or, publish to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter with a single click.
60-Second Setup
We challenge you to set up Pogoplug in 60 seconds or less. It’s as easy as connecting Pogoplug to your router, attaching any USB or SD storage, and entering an email address and password to create your account.

*Due to overwhelming demand, we are currently out of stock in the UK and Europe.

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