$29.95 per computer
Pogoplug Remote Access
Access and Share the Files on Your PC From Anywhere
"In essence, Pogoplug’s new software can turn your personal computer into a personal
cloud storage device, with no additional hardware required." - TechCrunch

Access all your files, anywhere you need them
Leave your computer at home or the office but quickly access and download all of your files from any Web browser, smartphone or tablet.
Stream Your Media Anytime, Anywhere
Stream your media from your PC to any device, including your mobile phone, tablet or another computer. Watch all of your movies, view all your photos and listen to all your music wherever you are.
Share Large Files With Friends and Colleagues
Share large files and folders instantly, without uploading. Your friends, colleagues or customers will be able to instantly access any files you share with them. Pogoplug makes sharing a snap! See a shared video for yourself.
Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ With a Single Click
Pogoplug lets you post your photos and videos to the most popular social sites with a single click. Your friends can watch your videos and view your photo albums instantly. You control your data, not the social networks.
Back up Photos and Videos on Your Phone or Tablet
Protect the photos and videos stored on your phone or tablet by automatically backing them up to your computer.
5GB of Offsite Storage
Pogoplug gives you 5GB of hosted storage for free, so you can keep an always-available copy of your files offsite.
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