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Save up to 77% when you add family members
As little as 97¢/month provides unlimited storage for every computer, phone and tablet + automatic backup for photos, files and videos.
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Get a subscription to Pogoplug Remote Access for as little as $29.95 per year.
Pogoplug Remote Access allows you to keep your files safely on your home computer while accessing them from anywhere. Works seamlessly with your cloud account. Learn more.

Pogoplug Remote Access

Access the files on your home computer from anywhere, no uploading required.

  • Access - Leave your computer at home or the office but quickly access and download all of your files from any web browser, smartphone or tablet.
  • Share large files and entire folders instantly—no uploading required.
  • Stream - Stream media from your computer to your smartphone, tablet or another computer.
  • Secure - Files stay securely stored on your computer at home or the office.
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